We say, 9% love, 17% beauty, 13% fashion, 5% madness, 17% power, 8% goal in the last minute, 6% adrenaline, 25% heart and soul 
service, that is your 100% Divoom. The Divoom brand was inspired our love of music and thepassion for fine audio. To strike for acoustic 
perfection, we religiously fine-tuned our speakerto suit every music enthusiasts. Our goal is todevelop the innovative audio products that excel 
in aesthetic design and audio performance forall music lovers.
"Speakers designed today should meet consumers" increasing demand for Quality Sound, Aesthetics,Simplity and Usability ".Divoom believe in proudingthe ultimate freedom platform for designers toshowcase their flair in transforming all beautiful things into speaker. There is no limitation for Divoomdesigners to realize their dream and union of trueproduct design. Divoom is now making more stylish speakers for your use anywhere,anytime, going the extra mile to exceed your expectation,enriching your everyday life.
Digital music and smart devices have changed the way people experience music.With the latest in audio technology and design, we are making those experiences more immersive than ever.you can hear divoom's quality sound by your ear, feel the beats and emotion of the music,It is not about high-skill branding or commercial marketing, it is simply about the Real Good Sound.
Divoom is one of the most reputable speaker brands in the world, and the Divoom speakers have been sold world-wide over 40 different 
countries. Throughout its 10 years journey, Divoom strives for the audio perfection byproviding the most innovating and refined 
audio products. The fine-tuned audio qualityis infused within every Divoom speaker, andit’s also the Divoom’s promise to every music 
enthusiast in the world.